Glenys’ Story:

For the past 3 years, Mountain of Hope doctors have been monitoring the condition of a young girl named Glenys. Dr. Caraker has examined Glenys, and the best description seems to be “failure to thrive”.

At the age of 12, Glenys weighs less than 30 pounds. She cannot stand or walk on her own. She must be pushed in a baby stroller by her mother who is primary caretaker. She is very small and underdeveloped for her age, and she has not been able to attend school for many years.

Hospitals in Honduras have performed x-rays, CT scans and MRIs, which Mountain of Hope doctors have been able to examine. Glenys remains undiagnosed. The doctors in Honduras have done all they can. Unfortunately, the clinica with its visiting doctors is not equipped to deal with a condition such as hers.



For the past year, John Millonig and the doctors of Mountain of Hope have been petitioning the Honduras government to issue a travel visa so Glenys can come the US where she can hopefully receive the treatment she needs. The hospitals and doctors here are waiting to examine her. It appears that John will be able to bring Glenys and her mother to the US with them at the end of this year’s Honduras medical mission.

The challenge:

Costs to transport, house and support Glenys while she is brought to the US must be raised immediately. A couple thousand dollars would go a long way to getting Glenys here so doctors can try to restore her to a more normal life.

This is over and above the funds Mountain of Hope needs to operate the clinic, buy medicine and also drill wells for villages with unsafe water.

Please help Glenys. Please give any amount you can. Whether $5 or $500, we need your help. Glenys needs your help. PLEASE DONATE TODAY!