Clinica Montaña de Esperanza

How Mountain of Hope Began
In the early 1990’s, members of St. Peter’s in Lake Mary were in Honduras helping to build a church. A woman approached one of the missionaries and said: “our children are sick; they’re dying. They need doctors and medicine”.

That simple statement changed a heart, a mission, and an entire village.

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When they returned to America, they began running ads for medical people to volunteer to travel to a remote village in Honduras to provide medical care to people with no access to healthcare.

First a doctor responded, then a dentist. Eventually about 60 people signed on, and thus began an over 20 year outreach to Quince de Enero. The first week of the mission they treated over 3,000 people, in a village without electricity or running water.

Clearly, 1 week a year was not going to be enough to successfully treat these villagers.


So with the help of many, Mountain of Hope Inc. was created, and raised enough money to return to build a clinic in 2001. Clinica Montaña de Esperanza. The clinic operates year round, with a doctor, a dentist, pharmacy and staff. Villagers who are able pay about $3 US to be treated and receive prescribed medications.



The rest of the money for salaries, supplies and overhead must be continually raised through contributions. The good news is, in Honduras, this operational healthcare facility operates for a fraction of what it would cost in the United States – about $800 per day. Still, we need your help.

Here’s the challenge: Currently, the total budget for the clinic comes from a handful of people, allowing the clinic to operate 2 days per week. Our goal is to get back to 7 days a week. We are looking for 300 people who will donate $800. This will allow us to reopen on a full time basis.

DONATE NOW! (easy, safe, secure)

100% of all donations directly support our Honduras Mission.