Honduras Mission

Are you feeling a call to go on a mission trip? Do you love children? Do you have medical or dental training? Would you like to help bring clean water to a village? Do you have other skills or talents to offer? A desire to serve?

Whether or not you feel you have the requisite skills, fear not. God is able to use you just as you are. Come experience the life-altering power of Christ in Honduras. When you dedicate your gifts and talents in service as God intended, you will be empowered, and experience a deep sense of joy.

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100% of all donations directly support our Honduras Mission.
Team members are responsible for their own expenses, including airfare, hotel, transportation, and meals. For information on this year’s mission trip, please contact Susie Millonig in the church office at 407-444-5673.

If you ask someone who has served on a mission trip, you’re likely  to hear that they got back more than they gave.

If you ask one of the villagers, especially one with small children, you’ll hear quite a different story. You may hear that their child was sick, and there were no other doctors they could go to. You may hear that the village lacked safe drinking water, and it was causing their babies to die. You may hear that without missionaries from America, they would have no hope for a better life.