Bible School – Teaching God’s Love


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Mission Bible School

Every year, the mission team offers Mission Bible School. About 200 eager children line up every day after their regular school day to attend bible school. A typical day includes opening prayers, singing of hymns, and a craft project based on a theme from the bible. Children young and old walk to the church to hear about Jesus and His love for all of God’s children. Through donations, enough spanish-language Bibles were purchased to give one for each child to keep and share with their family. Over the 20+ years that St. Peter’s has been going, we’ve watched children become adults, marry and start a family. Many have stayed active in the church, and have assumed a position of leadership in the village. This has yielded a positive impact generationally; strengthening families, reducing domestic violence and improving literacy in the village. Note: 100% of all donations directly support our Honduras Mission.


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