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2023 Medical Mission

by Mountain of Hope

Unfortunately our St. Peter’s & Mountain of Hope Mission to Honduras was suspended due to Covid from 2020 through 2022. May 27th to June 4th, 2023 Will Be Our 30th Anniversary Trip If you want to participate in a life changing experience, join up NOW and participate in our annual Honduras Mission to a small […]

Major Upgrades to Clinic Planned

by Mountain of Hope

Some major improvements are being planned for the clinic at Quince de Enero. The most exciting project is to add a major solar electrical system consisting of solar panels, an inverter and storage batteries. The solar system should provide enough electricity to run the clinic, the warehouse and the church during normal hours of operation. […]

2022 Clinic Report

by Mountain of Hope

Thanks to the heroic efforts of our staff, the Mountain of Hope Clinic at Quince de Enero remained open throughout the year accommodating the restrictions of COVID and the damaged Chamelecon River Bridge. In the past year, Dr. Madrid and staff have provided medical treatments to over 2000 patients needing our help. Our pharmacy has […]


by Mountain of Hope

Our latest well is being drilled for the orphanage sponsored by Pennsylvania Mennonite ladies. The orphanage is known as the “MAMA Project.” The acronym stands for “Mujeres Amigas Miles Apart”, or “Women Friends Miles Apart”. Shown here is our team on the rig and a prayer circle of thanks which signals the beginning of every work […]

2019 Medical Mission

by Mountain of Hope

Our annual medical mission trip to Honduras is happening now. This week our team of doctors, nurses, dentists, and others travel to share the love of God while volunteering their talents to provide care through our medical clinic, access to clean water through our well drilling projects, and education through our bible school and community […]

Steve’s Well in Esperanza

by Mountain of Hope

Esperanza is a start-up community of about 75 citizens. Lovingly referred to as “Steve’s well”, the well in this area was built to honor the memory of Steve Mountford and was funded by donations to the Steve Mountford Memorial Fund. Above, the community gathers to express their appreciation.   We began in January 2017, starting each […]